Shilpa Lee

shilpa leeShilpa Lee is the "Asian Escort" name used for Sufiah Yusof: a child genius turned into a prostitute.

So you might wonder: how does a smart girl end up to become a prostitute? You shouldn’t be focusing on her brains but on her childhood.

It is said her father abused her and that leads to yet another destroyed life. If you are death, at least you are finished. But this girl constantly has to endure the pain that was inflicted to her in her childhood.

click my buttUsing sex to sell is one thing, selling sex is a crime. But we all know even governors like Mr. Spitzer say one thing and do the next when they see Ashley Dupre

Yes, also Ashley Dupre comes from a scattered family and is in the same business as Shilpa Lee


  1. dear sufiah,
    i do pity you, now don’t say you don’t need it…well i think you should have not take the government’s scholarship at the first place…you could have be gone since then right? now you’re giving the whole nation a bad name…do keep your issues to yourself, everybody has their dark side WHICH they keep it to themselves

  2. I clicked your butt …….. it was fun …… thank you

  3. So now you clicked fracas boobs, my butt and posted naked pictures of 70’s-teen…

    Who’s next and how?

  4. It’s is a very indeed disgust for a Malaysian like me to hear about this “hot” news. What’s flying in my head is maybe she’s in a very stressed situation and she could reach anyone she trust to release her stress. Of course there’s so many positive ways to relief our stress but when things got too tight and at the same time in a dilemma, we would also do unthinkable things to release it.

  5. Goldilocks says

    Selling sex is not a crime in the UK… running a brothel is.

  6. Get a life Malaysians. She has her own rights. Stop bugging and judging her, it’s the least that you could do.

    And of course, always get your grammar right. Buat malu je.

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