Sexy Secretary

This is an evaluation of the Sexy Secretary Case Study we published 2 hours ago.

The question was if Google would rank every new post number 1. Now if this was the case, you would have found the goldmine in how to make money online fast.

We were quite skeptical that people could make money on the Internet so easily, so we ask BlogsThatFollow at search algorithm ,if they have different test-results than we do.

No sexy secretary to be found

sexy secretaries

Sexy secretaries :
a lot of them to be found but
we are no way near of ranking high in the search engines.

Although our sexy secretary case study appears in Google, it is nowhere to be found at the first 2 SERPs.

Unlike my successful Laure Manaudoupost, which got high in the rankings fast the 18th of December, and is now dangling at number 9 (way too low for comfort…)

Laure Manaudou

Laure Manaudou ranking high in search engine

Sexy Secretary and boss

sexy secretary and boss

Sexy Secretary and Boss Linky Love close this case study :
no such thing as cheating Google!

Whoever has other findings than this case study, please add a comment!

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