Sexy Secretary Award applicant 2: Beeno Baby

beeno babyBeeno Baby aka shle3pyb4by aka twirling it is our second Sexy Secretary applicant and her interview went like so:

  • hi!! i think my blog is supersexy, uhuh… and
  • I am sexy too!! (even tho’ I could not identify which part is sexy…
  • *giggles sexily*)
  • yes. i’m applying now!
  • *twirl sexily*

So we had a look at her blog My Crappy Thots and found quite an juicy post about kamasutra and dildos in Barcelona part two: compared to that post, Linky Love‘s blog is quite … oh, well… go over at Beeno Baby and read for yourself 🙂

Like a shining star, she has no trouble being the center of attention, and she is enormously active in the dating game:

animated cat

Beeno Baby‘s dating game

Add to that she cares very much about little lost cats:

little lost cat

Picture courtesy of Beeno Baby’s little lost cat

Always wearing sexy kitten heels, makes Beeno Baby our sweetest Sexy Secretary Award applicant so far. To say it in Fracas‘ words:

… "there’s just something about her
that brings out that part of you
that wants to stop and smell the flowers.
She is a treasure, and
doesn’t seem to know it"…

Breast Cancer AwarenessA big plus is that she cares…

Go and have a twirl at baby’s place!

Are you my next Sexy Secretary applicant?

All you need to do is:

  • be sexy by heart or blog
  • have a sexy blog or posts
  • leave a comment

What is in for you?

2 things:


1. The one and only Linky Love Sexy Secretary Award is yours!


sexy secretary award

Show off the Sexy Secretary award on your site!


2. You will be featured at Linky Love


Like Beeno Baby is featured today, so will you.

If you write your own guest-post describing your site best: you will attract more visitors than when I only write a few lines…

Previous Sexy Secretary Award winners

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  1. hi linky! OMG! thank you so much!! 🙂 i am very honoured to get this award, and of course, i am pleased!!

    thanks a million, and yes… you are a STAR!!!! 🙂 *twirl sexily*

  2. @baby

    Thank you! for the application! 🙂

  3. Indeed, she is those things in the quote. Congratulations to her and you Linky, for recognizing the gem she is.


  4. @fracas

    all her twirling can only mean she is as sweet as in your quote 🙂

    actions speak louder than words I always say….

    hmmm, say….

    feel free to join in the secretary fun fracas!

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