Sexy secretary application 1 : Olga the traveling bra

Win our Sexy Secretary award and get featured!

Who’s our next sexy secretary to be featured? Will that be you? Now it’s Olga – The traveling bra 🙂

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Sexy Secretary history

Today I fired my Sexy secretary Maggie Gyllenhaal : she was not using her brains, became more like a sexy secretary comic and today she went completely overboard when she ate my monthly earnings

So if you think you are up to the job of sexy secretary: leave a comment here.

First applicant: Olga, the traveling bra

First sexy secretary applicant is Olga, the traveling bra.

First impressions are everything:

olga the traveling bra

Picture courtesy of Olga – The traveling bra.

But she really started impressing me when she talked back. As you know: you need to endure some daily please scold my sexy secretary abuse. Olga passed the test with flying colours like so:


Picture courtesy of Olga – The traveling bra.

Are you my next Sexy Secretary applicant?

All you need to do is:

  • be sexy by heart or blog
  • have a sexy blog
  • leave a comment

What is in for you?

2 things:


1. The one and only Linky Love Sexy Secretary Award is yours! 


sexy secretary award

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2. You will be featured at Linky Love


Like Olga – The traveling bra is featured today, so will you.

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(so Olga: the guest post can still be done, since you are my first Sexy Secretary Award winner!)

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  1. WoW! I’m speechless!
    Well, not really…but I’m really flattered!
    Now you realize that I suck at typing don’t you? But I am very good at working under pressure and keeping things under control. And I am definitely sexxxxxxxy! But if I were to become your next sexy secretary…I’d need LOTS of time off in order to go on all of my exciting globetrotting adventures. I mean, I have my priorities ya know.
    Thanks for the LOVE and the award! You really lifted me up today!
    ~Olga, the Traveling Bra

  2. @Olga

    You are most welcome having started the Linky Love today.

    By the way: did anybody ever ask Monica Lewinski whether she could type?

  3. hi!! i think my blog is supersexy, uhuh… and i am sexy too!! (even tho’ i could not identify which part is sexy… *giggles sexily*)

    yes. i’m applying now! 🙂 *twirl sexily*

  4. @baby

    Your application is featured here: Sexy Secretary Award applicant 2: Beeno Baby

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