Sexy secretaries cute but expensive monthly earnings report

Sexy secretaries cute but expensive monthly earnings report

Ok, my monthly earnings report is in, which makes I can fire my Sexy secretary Maggie Gyllenhaal: done deal!

Which means that there is a new vacancy for sexy secretary, who wants to sign up?

All you need is :

Other than that you just look sexy and paint your nails…

Speaking Russian and being recommended by Clinton is a plus…

sexy secretary comic

Sexy Secretary Comic : it’s always fun in the White House with any Clinton!

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Monthly earnings month 10

$ 2787.49 total

Breakdown Earnings Month 10


Less visitors is less contextual income

After my holidays, my visitor count dropped as much as my earnings dropped. As soon as I was back from holidays, I made sure I was back on top of our TopList Directory which you can join for free if you want to become blog of the weekend!

Edison Chen scandal

Being on holiday, I missed out to monetize on the Asian Edison Chen Scandal.

edison chen sexy secretaries

"Edison Chen sexy secretaries"

If you missed out as well, you can still catch up by reading the following posts:

Blogging for money


If you have has a task that fits both my visitors and my budget,

I am more than happy to write an extensive post for you!


Affiliates earn big money at FrenchMalaysia


Lots of money can be made if you find an affiliate that matches your website’s content perfectly.

How to be an affiliate, which you can see in my Month 6: $ 713.18 earnings where I showed my affiliate earnings from my French Swear Words.

If you want to go the affiliate path : buy Rosalind Gardner‘s ebook.

This little investment will save time, money and effort on everything from affiliate software to web hosting. And I earned my money back within 1 month, be it on my French Swear Words blog πŸ™‚


Gwen Stefani: more blogs means more money opportunities

Gwen Stefani Clothes made 6.95$. Not much but compared with 0.40$ a big difference πŸ™‚

gwen stefani harajuku sexy secretary clothes

Harajuku Clothes : sexy secretary on the streets of Harajuku…

Future earnings

On average we are making $300 a month. With the amount of effort I put in this blog compared to others, I should be making my target of $1000 a month already long time ago.

Seems this money blog reached a resistance line that it just doesn’t feel like breaking. I cannot predict the future when I will finally break out so you should come and see for yourself: maybe next month πŸ™‚

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