Sexy secretaries

sexy secretaries

Today’s blog of the day is Sexy Secretaries, and they became blog of the day because Sexy Secretaries left me a comment here to jump queue.


Sexy secretaries is dangling on the second page (top 25-50) of our Add URL toplist and has an average of 60 unique visitors a day.


Navigation of Sexy Secretaries misses "the latest posts" section, but there is a search box to look for anything you need to know about sexy secretaries.


Sexy secretaries summarized


Sexy secretaries wants to explain how to become a better secretary and of course adds to that some secrets on how secretaries look best.


Due to way too much work at my office, I only managed to upload the following 3 posts, but then… it’s all about quality in stead of quantity!


  • Sample executive secretary resume
    2 sample executive secretary resumes to build an effective and optimised resume for your executive secretary application 
  • Secretary glasses
    If you want to look stylish, intelligent and sexy: get yourself some secretary glasses that suit the colour and form of your face. 
  • Blond sexy secretary
    A sexy secretary outfit that you better not wear in the office 🙂


Sexy Secretaries is looking for new applicants to write more secretary posts or to show off some sexy secretary office pictures.

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