Sexy questions

sexy secretaryYes, according to my visitors  log "sexy questions" is the most popular keyword sentence people come to my website for 🙂 Since I know I have about 4 regular readers, that must be how Hor Ny Ang Moh stumbles on my site 🙂

Where to find your visitors log

Your visitors log is your best friend.

  • It comes with your normal website provider or
  • you can get it with free counters like (it’s called referrals there) or
  • Ellie from will comment how it is called with the free statscounter she is using

Why use visitors log

Your visitors log is your best friend. It shows you what is attracting visitors to your site. And it also shows you what doesn’t work!

Like I am SEO in my site for money and link related keywords like add your link, and what do I get: visitors looking for "sexy questions". Why?

Because for the fun of it I have a sexy secretary at my live help chat. Sometimes I read her log-files, and you wouldn’t believe what sexy questions she get thrown through her head, and believe me "sexy" is a cute word here :-).

Fun = visitors bait!

That’s the lesson you learn out of this: make sure what you do is good AND add some fun part to it.

Like my guru-mom Suze Orman on the show has 2 fun parts:

  • can I afford it (really, can’t you figure out for yourself what you can’t afford)
  • the email section with the cute guy who’s name I completely forgot but whose smile and deep voice I love 🙂

Sexy questions

Leave your sexy questions in a comment or ask my sexy secretary at live help chat.


  1. I definitely want to see longer-term effects with the visitors I generate with link love and whatnot 🙂

  2. @Ellie

    It’s those searchengine visitors that click the ads 🙂

    Anyways, write a blog about Link Love and Make money with a new site and what do I rank high for: Sexy questions…. Makes perfect sense to me 🙂

    Let me have a look whether your 20 minutes update is finally over 😈

  3. As long as the visitors come, I don’t care how they get to me…considering my most popluar search is “popcorn eating bulldog.”

    Yeah…I have no idea either.

  4. HAHAHA love the most popular keyword!

    Hope you got the script we sent…

    You’ve been tagged for the Geek Link Train… keep the train going!!

  5. @Corrin

    Popcorn eating bulldog, now that’s a good idea for a nich website! 🙂


    Your script arrived, need to be installed still, probably need to ask some help from somebody on your Geek train THANKS

    Since you are here: leave a comment and become our next blog of the day,

    regards to Wolfbernz!

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