Serena Kozakura

Because her boobs are too big, Japanese model Serena Kozakura wins in court… Just to show you that size does matter!

The Serena Kozakura case

serena kozakura

Serena Kozakura Japanese fitness model

Serena got convicted last year of property destruction…

  • A man says: she kicked in the wooden door of his room and squeezed inside, because he was with another woman.
  • Kozakura says: the man made the hole himself.

Oops…: big court case!!!

Before you read on:

  • why would you use force on a door and not on a man sleeping with another woman?
  • but for Japanese court logic: "squeeze" is the keyword here…

How to win in court using your boobs

Serena’s defence counsel held up a plate showing the size of the hole and said: with her bust size, she can never squeeze through this kind of small hole…

Seems Tokyo High Court judge Kunio Harada was impressed by Serena Kozakura’s boobs her appeal and he threw out the guilty verdict.

Serena Kozakura video

Of course this is not at all spicy when just reading the above, so the Asahi network invited her to demonstrate before the cameras how she never ever could fit through the hole in the door above…

Interesting to watch how degradingly Japanese media covers people’s face and boobs when interviewing, and equally interesting to see what kind of door they are talking about (seems the time of Japanese papers door is a myth from the movies…).

Serena Kozakura video: boosting her modeling career?

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