Safety Precautions for Gay and Lesbian Dating Online

Those who have gay or lesbian sexual orientation usually find it to their advantage to join online dating services that are dedicated to gay and lesbian match making.
Perhaps more than any other groups, however, gays and lesbians need to be aware and conscious of their personal safety when dating online. Even in our so-called modern world of social acceptance for a variety of lifestyles, gays and lesbians are very often victims of hate crimes. All of those who join gay and lesbian online dating services are not, in fact, looking for a relationship. Sadly, some of them are looking for an opportunity to identify a gay or lesbian person so that they can do them harm.
Many of those who are gay or lesbian live heterosexual lives and go to great lengths to hide their sexual preferences from their family and friends. To present a picture of what they consider normalcy to the world, they may have husbands, wives and children and only conduct their alternative lifestyle secretly and with lovers that they meet at online dating sites.
Honesty-is-the-best policy applies to gay and lesbians who are engaging in online dating just as it does to heterosexuals. Be honest with your dating partners about who you are without giving specific information that can provide a person who has less than honorable intentions toward you information that will allow them to find out where you live.
Never give out your real name or the name of the city in which you live or were born. These two bits of information are all that a determined predator needs to find out where you live and where you work. Take your time and let online relationships develop slowly over a period of months. Most predators do not waste months getting information. If you aren’t forthcoming with the information that they are seeking, they will move on to easier pickings.
All relationships that are worth pursuing are based upon mutual interests. Friendship and trust are the basis of all lasting relationships. A physical relationship happens after trust and friendship have been well established, whether the relationship is heterosexual or homosexual.
After you have established a well founded friendship with a person online, and have concluded that you would like to meet them face to face, gays and lesbians need to be even more careful than their heterosexual counterparts.
The first face to face meeting should be held at a public place and during day light hours. It is a good idea to have a friend with you or nearby. There are a lot of horror stories out their about gays and lesbians who have gone to what they believed was to be a friendly face to face meeting with someone that they met through an online dating service only to have found themselves surrounded by a group of people who believe that they have every right to rid the world of gays and lesbians. It isn’t a pretty sight and it most certainly is not a position anyone would want to find themselves in.
Take your time and really get to know your potential partner. It will be well worth your time and effort in the long run.

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