Safe Internet Dating Tips – Taking it to the Streets wants to protect our members and provide a service that is safe to use, so we’ve created a safe internet dating video. Instead of a boring video, we went and talked to a bunch of people on the streets of Chicago with questions about internet dating tips. If you were wondering about online dating, then watch our internet safe dating video


  1. This is fantastic! Ktis54

  2. Cleric775 says

    This video can be very useful for people to whom they wish to meet other people online, especially the young & naiive.
    However, this video doesn’t seem to provide enough sensible information.

    I think the guy presenting this video might as well be better off in Court Jester’s suit.

    [2 stars]

  3. RumbleHD says


  4. anthonyowns says

    OMG ROFLMFAOOL!! at 2:00-:2:03 is fucking hilarious

  5. TScott1998 says

    Great Stuff keep up the great works guys!!!

  6. edthegurl says

    LonelyBloggers: Tell Kyle he REALLY needs to cut his hair.

  7. lonelybloggers says

    I got a couple of emails about copyrighted material, buy all retro clips in our safety video have been released to the public.

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