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richard quest cnn

Richard Quest CNN 1.000.000 dollar question: why is there always such a strange grimace on his face?

richard questAnswer:

CNN broadcaster Richard Quest was picked up by New York police at approximately 3:40 am with 1 grimace too far.

The officers revealed Richard’s grimace secrets:

  • a sex toy hidden in his boot and
  • a rope (see picture on the right) tied around his neck that was attached to his concealed genitals.

Try to keep a straight face yourself now!

The future of Richard Quest and CNN

richard quest ropeAccording to Quest’s lawyer, "Mr. Quest didn’t realize that the park had a curfew,he was simply returning to his hotel with friends."

At a hearing in Manhattan Criminal Court, Quest agreed to undergo six months of drug counseling in return for an "adjournment in contemplation of dismissal," which means the misdemeanor charges against him will be dropped and the case sealed if he stays out of trouble and completes his drug program.

No offence Richard Quest CNN won’t be the same would he be replaced by some donkey without a smile. So keep us amused Richard!

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