Review: one penny project

Before I made my new review rules I nagged asked people around to review me in order to review them. One of the first people to go for the bait was Michael from one penny project: a "how to make money" blog

What I love

What I love about Michael is when you ask him something, he will do it 🙂


The keyword here is "short" as Michael lately went on a strict diet of blogging 4 hours a week. Michael shows in his side-bar the amount he earned so far and aims to get $1000 by Thanksgiving.

For now I need to dig deep in the posts to find answers about "how to make money", like a smart program to open your browser with all the blogs you love to read. Smart time management!

Michael is a bit secretive about his project at times I have the impression. Or like he says himself: the thing I tested now isn’t worth to mention. Here I disagree with Michael: he could help people avoiding going the same path as Michael did, avoiding loosing precious time and energy! So Michael is wasting a big opportunity by not sharing his knowledge.


The blog design is a sober "Minima" Blogger Blogspot template with lots of white space. I like as I am not into much fancy colours when reading blogs.  Although a money making blog, the blog is not cluttered by ads.

A straight forward look, no time wasted to personalise it.


By adding the non successful projects, the content of this make money blog would be a big help for other DIY newbie bloggers for money.

Michael stands out by answering people and giving a helping hand when he can.

Have a look yourself at the one penny project.


  1. Thank You for the review. I upped my blogging time so my posts are back to being longer.

    Right now I am working on some cool software to find contacts to add with MyBlogLog. Right now I can add 15 contacts in less then 2 minutes and they are all interested in the same stuff I am.

    You are correct that I don’t always give the full details on my success or failures. For example I found over 20 Ebay sellers making $200-$1200 a month selling info products. If I listed those seller IDs on my site, I would get creamed because they would have copycat sellers takin gtheir customers the next day.

    I should give more tips on failures. Thanks for the reivew and comments.

    Take Care,


  2. Me also interested in your cool software 🙂

    Of course you cannot reveal too many secrets, unless you want to get rich writing about secrets!

    Writing about failures would still be fast for you, + save others time in making the same mistake: win-win!

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