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So I have got some feedback about LinkyLove and the worst was: I didn’t read your content as I didn’t know where to start…

So for all of you that do manage to read this 🙂 today I installed the logical continuation of a blog post:

  • a link to posts that are about the same subject.

One way of pointing your visitors to related subjects is using Technical tags, but that means they leave your site. A much better way when monetizing your blog is to keep your visitors on your blog and leading them to similar posts.

If you are using WordPress, you can use the Related Posts WordPress plugin, which I first heard about from Maki at DoshDosh: helping you to make money.

Installation is just copy/paste the plugin in your WordPress folder, active, get a nasty-scary MySql error, activate again and tadaa:

  • where applicable you now see Related Posts under my posts.

I do need to ask Maki or Aizatto why there is no blank space between my post and my related posts (it looks much nicer on their sites).

To make things worse: this still doesn’t address the feedback given by J David about my layout… I look at it this way:

  • I spend all my money to get a little room:
  • it’s not my dream-house but
  • I try to make do with what I have and add a bit here and there.

Very, very lousy from a designer point of view but … that doesn’t keep me from having my dream house one day… just not today.


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