Red Cross scandal

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red cross scandal
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Main thing is :

The so called Red Cross Scandal

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But wasn’t there a scandal about the Red Cross and 9/11? Well, the word "scandal" was used to make sure people would give money to other organisations so those would benefit more than the Red Cross.

The Red Cross had put some of the money in their "future possible disaster fund". Of course they do not put it in a sock and hang it on the wall, but use it to start funding other projects. Once the "future possible disaster" is there, they will make sure the money form the 9/11 "future possible disaster fund" will be used accordingly. That’s not a scandal, that’s wise money management all in the open.

Real charity scandals they don’t tell you about

The Asian tsunami is a great example of how money goes into the wrong pockets. First governments pledge money, and we all know how transparent governments are… The money then goes into NGO’s, again they start sourcing things out … and before you know it, the money makes the richer rich and doesn’t go where it needs to go. Or it does but only a fraction of the pledged money.

Another charity scandal that you most likely don’t know about are these "fundraiser" girls and guys in T-shirt, with website name included: if you donate $1, then 10 cents goes to the named charity, the other 90 cents is to pay all these fundraiser people and their company…

That’s why I prefer to give straight to the person in need. Just that my few dollars won’t give the beggar without legs in the street new legs, he will merely make it through the next day with some fresh food and drinks…

That’s why I love Alvin

Because Alvin is the author the complete Step-by-Step Guide on creating Profitable Blogs and 100% of his Sales Proceeds will go to the Red Cross.

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