Reasons for Divorce among Lesbian Couples

Divorce is the harsh reality of our society. It is the uglier side of the coin depicting marriage. Statistics show that every 50 out of 100 marriages in America end in divorces. The question we are interested in at present, is how many of these consist of homosexual divorces? Lesbian relationships are susceptible to the same set of problems that are faced by a heterosexual couple. Therefore, it is juvenile to think that the dynamics of a homosexual relationship is completely different. What is different is the way society looks at same sex marriages.


Until a few years back, same sex marriage was legal in the majority of the cities of the world. In fact, even today, many cities and even countries are absolutely against the idea. Therefore, there remains no question of a divorce in such places. However, cities where the legal codes allow same sex communions, divorce is a normal course of action.


Straight versus Lesbian marriage


In fact if you look at it closely, you will realize that a same sex marriage has a lot more on its plate to deal with, since the role of the society plays a significant (and mostly a negative) role. Therefore, the pressure and scrutiny faced by same sex couples in marriages is higher than heterosexual ones.


Closeted Homosexuals


Lesbian couples find it necessary for the penal code of their country to have stringent clauses regarding separation in a same sex marriage. Every couple wants security and support during marriage and even after a divorce. Therefore, those countries that do not recognize same sex marriages make it very hard for same sex couples to claim rights from the respective partners if the marriage ends in a divorce.


A lot of homosexual individuals stay away from lesbian dating because of the lack of legal support provided by the country in case the relationship culminates into a marriage.


Divorce can happen due to various reasons; but mainly it is because love ceases to hold primary position in the relationship. When that happens, divorce is a common option among both in a heterosexual marriage and a lesbian relationship.


It is impractical to say that gay marriages are pointless since they end in divorces. Although there is no dependable source of data that states that same sex marriages break up more often than heterosexual marriages, a lot of people presume that this is the case. Even if it is, that is not grounds for lobbying against homosexual marriage. Marriage is a personal choice; so is divorce. The reasons for both should be left to the couple involved to decide upon.


A lot of anti-gay activists use the instance of gay divorces to put a ban against lesbian dating. This is nothing but a manifestation of homophobia. Therefore, penal codes should be designed in a way so as to protect the rights of every individual in a marriage, regardless of his or her sexual preference.



Although gay marriage rights has seen the light of freedom in many states across a number of countries in the world, there is still a separate battle to be won as far as gay divorce rights is concerned.

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