RealRank 1 – Real Earnings 0

Why Google loves PayPerPost

  • Google is clear: buying or selling links that pass PageRank is in violation of Google’s webmaster guidelines
  • PayPerPost is “clear”: install our ITK-RealRank code in your website "and all is great…"

Google now only has to detect ITK-RealRank code
to know you are "one of those from PayPerPost"…

What will Google do after detecting your ITK RealRank code in your blog?

What is ITK RealRank

ITK gathers REAL traffic information, much like your analytics platform.

PPP then ranks users based compared to other PPP users.

The formula is relatively simple.

  • 70% weighted towards visitors per day
  • 20% weighted towards amount of ACTIVE inbound links per day
  • 10% weighted towards pageviews per day

What does Top RealRank 1 do for you?

real rank 1 Linky Love

RealRank 1

Real SAD RealRank 1:
still not getting the best paid opportunities…

As you can see above: the highest RealRank possible: RealRank 1 still keeps the big money opportunities out of reach 🙁

At this moment of writing:

  • 195 available opportunities: max offer 235 $ with 15 offer above 80$
  • 31 qualified opportunities: max offer 13.5 $
  • I opened an opp of 12$: this opp only asked PR 3 and NO RealRank!

So RealRank: what’s the point…

RealRank challenges

  • Advertisers need to learn the real values of PR and RealRank.
    PR doesn’t mean anything when it comes to visitors. At least RealRank gives you an idea about visitors. Do you want to buzz at:
    • a website with PR4 with 30 visitors a day: 5$ an opp shows your ad to 600 visitors
    • a website with RealRank 1: about 20.000 visitors a day: 5$ an opp shows your ad to 20.000 visitors
      (numbers based on Aardvark statistics at our TopList Directory: join to see where your RealRank will be!)
    • so based on PR: the same exposure would have cost you 166$ (and
      that is assuming these PR4 blogs still accept 5$ opps…)
  • RealRank so far doesn’t mention the geographical segmentation of the visitors although there has been a heated discussion over at the PPP forums that made more enemies than friends…
  • RealRank shows you the amount of visitors, it doesn’t yet measure the quality of these visitors
  • RealRank still doesn’t answer Google’s call to stop buying and selling links that pass PageRank

RealRank summary

At this moment having the best RealRank:

  • still doesn’t give you the best opportunities and
  • it doesn’t solve Google’s issues

Real Solution: use only Google approved links

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