Ratty Papersurfer

Tuesday is pets-day here at Linky Love, so we will introduce you to the almost extinct Ratty Papersurfer.

Where men go, rats will follow…

And that’s exactly what Ratty Papersurfers do: they follow Daddy Papersurfer: the most funniest blogger in the UK!

The reason why they follow Daddy Papersurfer is because he is one of the rare humans carrying the ideal hiding place of the Ratty Papersurfer: a unique cardboard box head case.

ratty papersurfer

Ratty Papersurfer niche habitat

Ratty Papersurfer disease

Ratty Papersurfers are quite funny, intelligent and harmless rats.

In rare cases though people bitten by Ratty Papersurfers have been seen copying
behavior that can be tracked back to the rat in question, like illustrated below:

ratty papersurfer disease

Ratty Papersurfer disease example

Tabby, or not tabby ! Cats the question!

free tabby kittensCats are always the answer to any rat plague, but not when it comes to Ratty Papersurfers. These rats do outsmart any tabby cat due to their specialized diet: they only feed on peas.

To put the theory to the test: Gregor Mendel did some famous laboratory tests and it showed that rats only fed with peas did outlive their counterparts that weren’t fed at all… Survival of the fittest or survival of the most intelligent?

Yes, although these days Ratty Papersurfers are only rarely spotted in Europe (UK and Surfugal that is), these rats are actually big brothers of the not so intelligent Chinese bamboo rat. Here’s the story:

panda bear bad dealRatty Papersurfers struck a deal with the panda bears:

"if you don’t touch my peas, I won’t touch your bamboo"…

Sounded a fair enough deal for the panda bear, yet it isn’t rocket science: try to swallow a fresh bamboo tree yourself and tell us how nutritious that was… So peas grow brains: rest my case.

You can follow the latest news about Ratty Papersurfer here.


  1. I am so glad you’re as deranged as I am [and I have a feeling we are not alone – tee hee] XXX

  2. Deranged? YYY?

    This is a serious blog for serious people!

    Seriously, now you know why I love your blog 🙂

    Not to mention 70’s fanzines (although posting her nude pictures got you banned…)

    Have you seen my bras? Seriously, as if they can go traveling on their own…

  3. You are right he is a head case but a lovable one (gosh did I just say that?? too much sun and fresh air today I suspect)

    Thakyou for the linky bit LL

  4. As James Cagney used to say, You dirty rat!

  5. @70s and Rotus

    Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. Go and pick your prize over at Daddy P’s…


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