Ramiele Malubay

Today will be the first time that my Top favorite American Idol contestant
Ramiele Malubay will fight it out with the 11 other girls.

ramiele malubay

Ramiele Malubay

Ramiele Malubay is my favorite because she has a pretty voice and she has Asian roots like me 🙂

Oh are we subjective, well, yes we are 🙂

Now just praying that the rain will stop or our satellite TV will not be able to receive the American Idol contest in about 1 hour from now. Go Ramiele Malubay, go!

Talking about satellites… in our next post : just hoping nobody shoots our satellite out of space in the first place! 🙂


  1. hello, just dropping you a note. Ramiele is real good.. I’m sure she will make it.. just keep supporting…

  2. I have found a great Ramiele Malubay website got all her videos in one place

  3. ramiele rocks!!!

  4. @philippineartscene

    Oh yes she does 😉

  5. Go Ramiele!
    Visit http://www.ramiele.net for the newest fan site and forum!

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