Ramiele Malubay naked

"TMTH" That’s what Ramiele Malubay said after performing yesterday night at American Idol. Was she referring to Internet searches for Ramiele Malubay naked or to her breast groping pictures scandal?

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Remember last American Idol: Antonella Barba showing off herself in any position imaginable? Well, our sweetheart Ramiele is quit different and all in good fun.

Have a look yourself at the fun pictures Ramiele that used to be on MySpace:

 ramiele malubay naked

Ramiele Malubay naked? Imagination gone wild…

There are three girls in the photograph and it is your typical MySpace "girls have more fun" picture without any nudity. Two separate girlfriends seem to have their hands on her breasts, Ramiele Malubay and her friends have their mouths open as if they are all in shock …

Lot’s of other pictures also are staged and distorted to create an real racy illusion 🙂

ramiele malubay lesbian

Ramiele Malubay lesbian?

… Never seen a girl touching another girls’ breast after a boob job?
… Never seen a waitress cleaning a spill on another persons outfit and posing for the camera at the same time…?

Dig a bit in the pictures posted on the blogs of other Filipinos in our Toplist Directory and you can say that these pictures are as common as eating ice-cream.

Sing it out loud Ramiele!

So forget about it all Ramiele: you can sing as the best and compared to Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton, this is all a bit whipped up… Are Americans jealous a Filipino is going all the way to the top 12?

GO RAMIELE MALUBAY GO (but don’t go naked 🙂 )

And again: I love the shoes she is wearing 🙂

american idol ramiele malubay

American Idol last night

Ramiele Malubay American Idol Performances:

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