Ramiele Malubay Hair

Ramiele Malubay’s hair really stands out, especially when she was a kid, have a look at the cute Ramiele Malubay pics below.

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Ramiele Malubay’s hair is "out-STANDING"

If you ever wonder why Ramiele’s hair is like it is now, it’s because when she was a kid, it was just standing straight pointing to the sky, as if the house she was living in had way too much electricity everywhere…

ramiele malubay hair

Ramiele Malubay hair when she was a baby

Ramiele Malubay pics

More Ramiele Malubay pics with different hair styles…

ramiele malubay pics

Ramiele Malubay Pics with different hair styles

Ramiele Malubay from American Idol from this season

If I really need to describe her like in the above title, we all know that something is going quite wrong. Ramiele has a wonderful voice, but her voice is just not around in the last few American Idol shows.

Her song "Alone’ says it all: It shows that her voice really left her standing there performing "Alone"… I agree: "Hair" is a famous musical, but Ramiele – as good as she is – needs to show her voice because of her hair. (And being a shorty myself: short legs look better in longer shorts Ramiele…)

Ramiele Malubay singing "Alone"

I hope your next performance is spot on, because I am quite sad that the best thing I can do his week is writing a post about Ramiele Malubay’s hair…

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