Rachel Aldana

Rachel Aldana : boobs without whiskers

My name is Tiger and I am a cat.

I own a human called Linky Love who felt way too shy to write this 32JJ huge post about the Guinness Boob of Records featuring Rachel Aldana.

So I took my huge paws and will post the post for you, Rachel Aldana pictures included of course.

rachel Aldana myspace

Rachel Aldana Myspace is Yours :
typical human illogical expression,
in cat’s world: myspace is mine!

Rachel Aldana Freeones

Most of the time I fall asleep when my human watches shows about plastic surgery. I mean what’s the logic of putting a silicone bags under your boobs when you can get freeones like Rachel Aldana did.

Why some human needs to pay for big boobs and the other not, I still need to figure that out but hey, let me take a nap first.

rachel aldana freeones

Rachel Aldana Freeones: although cats are meat eaters,
I recommend real organic watermelons

Rachel Aldana Pictures

You have seen all those amateur pictures of amateur photographers who tale a picture of there human without their feet or cutting down their legs from the knee down. Maybe it’s just a human fetish of hinting to plastic surgery?

Now With Rachel Aldana, your normal amateur photographer has to make sure not cutting of any parts of her boobs in the picture.

rachel aldana pictures

Rachel Aldana Pictures:
take your distance or use a bigger lens…
and make sure don’t always look down on humans with big cleavage

Rachel Aldana boobs

As a cat I am entitled to explain you what Rachel Aldana boobs 32JJ really mean…

Now what is so special about the Rachel Aldana boobs? I mean, as a cat, I notice on the spot that something is wrong with Rachel Aldana: she has no whiskers!

But in order to focus on whiskers, humans tend to focus on boobs. Pretty strange, as when my human wears a warm sweater in winter, I wonder where she put her boobs.

And you can find special books about boobs: like the Guinness Book of Records showcasing the biggest Boob of records: a whopping 32JJ from Rachel Aldana.

Now I have few clues what 32JJ means and I am sure it must be a code like so:

rachel aldana boobs

Rachel Aldana boobs 32 JJ explained
3: weight of left boob in pounds
2: weight of right boob in kg
J: shape of left boob
J: shape of right boob

rachel aldanaRachel Aldana

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