Postie Prostitute: are you the PP in PPP?

PPP or PayPerPost is giving its Posties a hard ride for their money. With 50.000 posties blogging for money, the PPP opportunities:

  • become cheaper
  • ask for more links
  • ask for more words

The only way to grab a decent paid post is becoming a 24/7 PP or Postie Prostitute stalker. This is the price for this RockStartUp: good for PPP, no more good for the decent Posties who used to have decent monthly earnings. (See our Monthly Earnings)

Postie Aids

A normal prostitute has no rights and can get Aids or whatever.

  1. A PP has no rights either (hey, we have 49.999 other posties to choose from)
  2. PP Aids is when Google punishes you with a low PageRank because a link whore is not really what Google wants to associate the best search engine in the world with!

Postie Prostitute: PP

If you want PPP be the Rolls Royce of the Paid to Blog services then stop prostituting your blog:

  • only grab posts that are relevant for your blog. If your blog is about real estate, then don’t touch the breast implant boob job opportunities
  • make sure other blogs link in twice as much as you link out (if you want to share Linky Love, make sure you get it even more!)

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  1. I should listen to this .. about grabbing posts that’s relevant to my blog … lol.

  2. I have signed up to PPP but have done no reviews as yet. I get the feeling that it’s going for broke and may collapse from oversaturation.

    Spondoired Reviews looks like it has more vison behind it, and I supect it will last a lot longer.

  3. @Matt

    Something fishy is going on at PayPerPost to say the least.

    Sponsored Reviews : they should stop the bidding game and just put the opps in the open. I mean the amount of rejected opps i have don’t make me feel like returning.

  4. is removing PPP badges is one of the things u can do to be safe from google slap?

    pls. make a post about it

  5. @Julia

    The realrank PPP code is oh so easy for Google to spot, yet you could add it without writing any post, so I assume Google has a bit more complicated algorith working, as usual 🙂

    Main thing is get rid of the PPP posts, that’s why most likely they are one of the few that tell you that you can remove posts… they must have seen it coming…

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