Please send your condolences to Maiylah

I remember when my grand father died of Liver Cancer, tons of people came by and they all talked about this and that and God knows what… I just don’t remember their words…

But I do remember the few ones that just came with tears in their eyes, gave a big hug and left. Especially my grand-aunties’ tears as her hubby was dying from kidney cancer. But enough about me…

Go give a hug!

Go give a hug to Maiylah who’s father in law just passed away.

Maiylah, even if you didn’t ask me to make you a favicon :

  • soonest you are ready for it, I am ready to make you a favicon so you can join the favicon matrix! I took some snippets from your homepage to make the favicons below 🙂

If you want to join the favicon matrix: leave me a comment and after that:

Go give Maiylah a hug!


  1. I am so sorry for her loss; I did go by and leave a message!

    PS: what google page rank estimator do you use? The one I found said my PR will be 0 and is currently 0 – but it is actually 3.

  2. @Ellie

    Thanks a Million 🙂

    I used the Page Rank estimator at : but today it gives zeros for everybody, yesterday it gave us a 10 🙂

    Anyways: the real PageRank is the only one that counts, and so far it’s not there yet. That gives us time to link even more and get linked to as well hopefully 🙂

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