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Pinaymama’s Garden

Guest Post from Joy

Why visit my site: Pinaymama’s Garden?

Because my blog is fun, friendly, and cute hehehee!

Oh well, it was just a simple blog that all people can get along with.

Just to share the same likes and maybe earn more friends.

About my blog:

  • This is my garden of thoughts and dreams,
  • my place when I want to give an opinion, ideas about anything, everything under the sun.
  • Everything I could think of!

Linky Love loves blogs with butterflies :-), Thanks Joy for sharing your blog!


  1. hey, happy new year! you won a grey’s anatomy calendar from!! let us know thru email where to send it. we can ship it anywhere you want either to you or to give to a friend! 🙂

    we also hope you can blog and brag about it, once you get it… you know just a short mention of it in one of your posts. 😉

    thanks again! -rob

  2. @Rob

    Thanks and the bragging will start once the upgraded prize will be received… 🙂

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