Pee as in Daddy Pee… Daddy Pea?… Daddy P!

Pee is another great way of increasing your online visitors, that is when it is spelled P like in Daddy P.

Daddy P(apersurfer) started his own fanclub: you cannot win anything yet he has already 3 amazing fan posts on one of his members’ sites… All done in good fun.

Pee can be fun

Fun is the keyword to attract more visitors, just like sex sells and content is king. The mother father of all fun is Daddy Pee, and if you don’t know what P stands for: read the cartoon below or go and visit Daddy P’s site. It has to with what he calls a pea brain, but I assume he meant pee brain…

daddy p brain

Niches are easier to attract more visitors

Every day there is some new fun over at Daddy P’s. That’s great, but that also means a daily task, and we all know that there are days you just don’t see the funny side of life.

That’s why I still prefer setting up niche websites, especially now that I got a Niche Website Finder :

it finds you a niche website in less than 10 minutes and well…

then it takes me another day to make a nice blog up and running like Adopt a puppy for free. Next day I can make another blog where Daddy P will post another joke on the same blog. He does it for the fun of it, I do it to make money on the Internet…

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  1. What about ‘adopt a DaddyP’? ……. it would give the terrible Goddess a break.

  2. @DaddyP

    Oh, you could elaborate that into a new theme parallel to the fanzines… or a “fieldstudy-task” for the DaddyP course members!

  3. I’ve got coarse members? …… hang on ……. oh, course members ……. phew

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