PayPerPost talks back!

make money online with PayPerPostIf you have a question to ask PayPerPost, they talk back!

Below our concerns, question and answer from PayPerPost’s: Go ahead, ask me anything.


Our PayPerPost concerns

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Is PayPerPost selling itself?

A respectable firm that suddenly:

  • keeps on going to Vegas (are they trying to gamble to get some money?)
  • has a lottery based opportunities system
    • Tuesdays for the US residents
    • Wednesdays some "special opportunities" for non US bloggers
  • and has been weeding out the non US posties (yes, try to get any post when it isn’t Wednesday and try to compete with all the non US bloggers on a Wednesday…)

Doesn’t this feel like a firm that has only one thing in mind: getting bought over to the highest bidder in US now they are on the top of their game?

Our PayPerPost questions

  1. What are your plans in the near future for the non US posties and
  2. is there a possibility that PayPerPost will take any offer they can’t refuse to be bought over?

PayPerPost answers

From Ted Murphy’s HQ:

  1. I have been following this intensely. You will have to wait a few months but I believe you will see some things that benefit non US Posties in Argus.
  2. We are focused on creating a sustainable business that is here to stay.


Please comment if you know what is meant by: things that benefit non US Posties in Argus.

My PayPerPost 2 cents

Yes, this is more or less what I am earning after the Geographical Segmentation at PayPerPost… but I wanted to say:

  • here in Asia we take a man on his words
  • and we know the Internet is a very volatile playground

Don’t sit back being sad about missed opportunities, ( before the PayPerPost boom you probably weren’t making that much money either).

So my advice is:

  • sign up for PayPerPost,
  • only look at the opportunities in white,
  • take the opportunities you and your readers would like and
  • enjoy what you are doing in your blog 🙂

make money online with PayPerPost

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