Pagerank and Pimp C no more

It’s a weird day today: I read about the death of Pimp C, my mind associates with thepinkC and I was wondering why today was such a slow day at PPP, I mean why no opportunities at all???

Having read thepinkC’s post about her PageRank going from 4 to zero… seems Google did he same thing with my PageRank as well. Weird indeed as I don’t use TextLinkAds and I keep my paid posts to an absolute minimum.

Which means that Google must have another criteria for slashing Pagerank! Anybody having an idea, please leave a comment, as I didn’t Google it up yet…

Amazing Pimp C sketch

I found this Pimp C sketch at etchasketch, and since there is no more PR to brag about, we can focus again 100% on putting the Fun back into blogging. Etchasketch for sure is fun 🙂

pimp c

Pimp C on etchasketch

What about the future of Linky Love?

Finky Fove should be the FUN way to continue with Linky Love 🙂

Again: Pagerank is the wrong measure for selling links, so before we raise the price to 25$ next year…

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  1. Google did say that paid posts were the reason. Matt Cutts wrote about it on his blog.


    I’m starting a new, fresh blog soon.

  2. @Ellie

    Did you contact Google yourself, if so how and what did they say (or did they give you a robot answer?).

    Matt is right, but suppose Google does put a “tumore removelo” site on top, then how do the real tumor sites get past this?

    Meanwhile Ellie your contact form nor comment form doesn’t accept comments from my providers’ IP.

    And oh yes, new blogs are a necessity 🙂

  3. I’ll look into it, linky – in the meantime, can you email me via the email address attached to this comment?

    I switched comment forms and I am not sure what’s going on. 🙁

    The only way to get PR back is to admit that you were wrong, from what I can tell – I’ve been reading a lot on it and I’m kind of ticked off! 🙁

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