Orange tabby, rattle snakes and making money online

click meRattle snakes are biting more and more people each day, but not only people…

The cute orange tabby cat "Orange Boy" over at the Save Moki cat-blog has been bitten by a rattle snake as well, and it doesn’t look that cute, although Orange Boy is hanging in according to their last post.

orange tabby


I got to know Orange Boy when his owner left a comment on our Free Tabby Kittens blog.

You can feature your tabby kittens for free like we featured Orange Boy at Free Orange Tabby Kittens just by leaving a comment.

Or was it Moki the cat that left a comment… on the Internet you never know who is doing the typing….

What’s interesting is that the Moki cat owner started to blog for money 2 days ago aiming to get at least $100 during the next month using "one of those pay to blog services that could kill your PageRank".

If they don’t reach their aim, they will call it quits and most likely try to find other ways to make money on or off the Internet.

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