Online money from scratch

  • Do you wan to earn money online?
  • Do you feel like you missed the boat?
  • Do you feel that other successful bloggers are way too advanced for you to catch up?

If you answered yes to one of these question, than this start from scratch blog is ideal for you!

We start tomorrow

Why this blog looks so bare and has only 1 post?

Because we start from scratch so you can all follow with us:

  • what you need to do to gain some money
  • how can you more visitors than your friends and family
  • how what you earn compares with what we earn on this blog

Who am I?

I am a passionate overripe Malaysian student. I am so passionate that I am studying overseas and doing all kinds of odd jobs to make ends meet.

To get myself a steady online income, I follow the footsteps of Mr. John Chow. I do start from scratch, so for those that are looking for shortcuts: you will earn far more by getting a job, compared to what I will earning next month. Yet your salary will only increase slowly and will stop once you quit your job.

Business earnings (as that’s what this blog is all about: an online business) will be low and slow in the first few months, to reach a peak in 6 to 24 months.

Online businesses will still attract visitors after you quit updating, so it’s like a train: difficult to get in motion, but once rolling, difficult to stop 🙂

Why will I succeed?

Because I have a passion to teach and I teach by example. So here is my way of giving you an example of making money online.

And of course… cannot afford to loose my face now I have said this!

What do we do tomorrow?

Change the look of this site into a real personal website.

Yes: do 1 thing a day!

Don’t start sprinting now, because we are going to run a marathon here!


  1. Hi,
    I`m Malaysian too. Would like to know further about your money making plan.

  2. Hi there ill be keeping my eye on this site then 🙂 good luck!

  3. This sounds something like the project I am working on.

    I wish you much luck. Let me know when you get listed in Technorati and we can exchange reviews.

    Take Care,


  4. Linky Love says

    Kenwahfu: Please link to me!
    Please come back to see how the fundamentals will be laid out this week. ! of the tasks in my plan is become a Pay Per Post blog in 3 months! Lots of prosperity for you 2!

    NewsFiX: Please link to me!
    Please give more feedback when you return 😉

    Michael: Please link to me!
    Will defenetly get listed at Technorati this week, if you give me a link already, then my Technorati rank will get higher and you can review me faster, so i can review you faster.


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