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  1. soulofadra6on says

    i have a really bad speech impediment so online dating is great as they get to know me before the judgemental thoughts start formulating when we have a conversation. I tried the “meet in person’ and this one chick thought i was retarded =

  2. RusiMusic says

    you so annoying

  3. TheFabbe123 says


  4. must your yummy tits be that expose?!! I like it!!! Hey im lonely.

  5. realtyboy2010 says

    i really don’t understand online dating. one friday within a half an hour timespan i got 3 “winks” and then for the next week no winks at all. weird.

  6. adaminsane says

    @aimjames86 The answer to your question. Nothing. You would be better off getting online dating tips from a dead cat. I can’t tell if she is taking the piss, or if she really thinks that she knows what she is talking about.

  7. shadowrider699 says

    great tiPs.

  8. aimjames86 says

    What does a hot woman like this really know about online dating? I’ve seen hot women write profiles that don’t include a single grammatically correct sentence and get dozens of replies per day. It’s all the pic people.

  9. dillroy333 says

    true…why didn’t i think of that before. American girls are all the same. i should be traveling to find a woman. maybe a well-mannered aussie girl. or an exotic latino.

  10. oreovictim says

    Ain’t that the truth. But it’s more than double. I’ve heard that the ratio is anywhere from 4-7 guys for every woman. Crazy!

  11. J0nyRock says

    she needs to get a real guy to drop this virgin shit

  12. samkeskin says

    Westernised Asians …. UGH !! … exotic beauty with the annoying personality

    Forget online dating. Just travel to S/E Asia and you’ll never want to date an American woman again

  13. samkeskin says

    I’m a self confessed loner, loser, and compulsive liar. That’s why I love internet dating !! I can usually get a handful of dates (and sometimes sex) before the girl catches on

  14. thanks great tips

  15. Jimbo8012 says

    Online dating is better for women than men. One major reason – there’s at least double the amount of men on these sites. Thus, any remotely decent looking girl will receive hundreds of emails a week – a lot of good guys will therefore be lost in the mix. Girls get to date up, guys have to date down.

    Furthermore, there are never any really attractive women on these sites. Good looking, normal, well adjusted girls have no reason to ever date online. It’s that simple.


  17. cute

  18. HYSTER77R says

    ur hott

  19. faxmachineman1000 says


  20. mudphud8 says

    Nah I don’t only bring 4 people. Safety in numbers. I will take out his friends preemptively.

    But again the chances of that are low because people who do online dating are losers without friends, which is why they need to try and find friends/daters online in the first place. BOOYAH!!!

  21. xdarkkilllrx says

    But what if the other guy bring in friends to help him then due to the fact that he saw this comming? We don’t want war.

  22. That’s why I always bring 4 friends with me, 2 of which are cops that are packing heat. They camp out in areas nearby, like at a nearby table or one maybe browsing sunglasses at a store nearby. Another one may even be the waiter/waitress. If anyone tries to shoot me or something they will get their ass handed to them. Hell yeah!

  23. floridamileyfan says

    online dating is dangerous.

  24. xdarkkilllrx says

    Online dating is a great way to meet people but when meeting in real life that is the part you put your life in danger. Person you talk too can be a rapist or murderer and stuff. 🙁

  25. armoredtoad says

    if ur picky its useful, unlike some people who find average girls to be hot (maybe like u)

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