Online dating : How to get REAL DATES (Part 3) How to get females attention and get responses! What to write to her. Where to ask her out on a date. Score real dates! DOs and DON’Ts of Online Dating! More juicy dating advice at!


  1. Smeonesmall says

    I like your hair, idk why i clicked on this video though lol…just surfing teh nets

  2. irishstickfighting says

    @nickegbg True, way too much NLP in dating these days

  3. DippShits says

    @nickegbg That was a very thoughful & wise comment.

    However, you must admit she had nice cleavage going on.

    “The secret of dating success is sincerity. Once you can fake that you’ve got it made.”

  4. nickegbg says

    This is so sad… guys need to learn from a woman how to fool the women into believing that they are the way they want a guy. Plus, how does this girl even begin to think that she knows what everyone loves. Brr. I wonder how many she has plowed through by now since she considers herself such an expert.

    ive got a better tip, everyone including women, start acting like yourself and not like the image you saw on gossip girl, and maybe you’ll meet someone who can appreciate you.

  5. Eclipsepoland says

    true is that pick up line templetes are for idiots …

  6. tdubb099 says

    keep it short and sweet . Show some interest in her, and always ask a general question, then go from there.

  7. metagirlsonsite says

    @dragondre2 Suggestion is stronger than the real thing

  8. youshenowa says

    hi, thank you for sharing the tips
    how to date or ask someone out
    I do really appreciate that. ^_^

  9. outsidetheshell says

    gung ho! Thats my companies motto and yea, be gung ho.

  10. Blumis2000 says

    wow, you really made sure that the camera juuuuust caught your clevage…….. by the way, what did you say?

  11. bestamerica says

    i love a pretty natural lady eyes, face, lip, skincheek without a foolish waste makeup chair

  12. There is one thing which makes this video entertaining…. well actualy that are two things.

  13. DippShits says

    @jahard47 You read through 1000’s of comments to find something I wrote half a year ago…

    …who is the SAD one Mr. Poopy Pants?

  14. @DippShits You sir are a sad person.

  15. Did she say anything?

  16. sexy ass hell

  17. mildphil says

    @tomalba7 get a life

  18. Vanae’s rules of thumb should be keep showing the rack and figure out what the FUCK is wrong with her hair.

  19. GermanPS3Videos says

    u have nice tits -_-

  20. cleanplasticchild says

    @bigboss686 Exactly.. which is why this girl is displaying her skin in such an alluring way. I’m a listener… and it is hard for me to take someone seriously when I can’t look them in the eye when I’m supposed to be concentrating on what they’re trying to say. How am I supposed to connect with you if I’m looking at your tatas? Confusing. Are you really that insecure?

  21. how r u works always with my 15inch cock 🙂

  22. Apocalypse4Lyfe says


  23. nextag82 says

    i want to cut your hair

  24. Steveisamonkeyninja says

    @tomalba7 u spelt cum wrong u sick freak

  25. tomalba7 says

    hi i wanna com on ur boobs….text meee 🙂

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