Online Dating Fibbing Women – Social Experiment

When a woman shows up for a blind date from an online dating site but looks nothing like her photo. We’ve discussed one of the errors in the Attribution Theory – the idea of Primacy Effect. Once we have already established an impression of someone, even when confronted with opposing information we are slow to change our impression. These people, having exchanged emails and photos, would have established an impression of what each other were like. Even when confronted with a completely different person, some of them are uncertain and just continue on, or they are confused at the very least. Is this a benefit with online dating – that impressions formed by attractiveness only counts for so much but the interaction through emails etc draws the majority of interest from their personality instead? Maybe this is a way to get away from those impressions formed initially by looks, since we in generally are so apt to do that.


  1. bambilotto says

    Lol, interesting!

  2. jm2trash says

    AWWW danny makes me feel good about humanity! : )

  3. idaho777 says

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  4. lopytube says

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    sike no.That would extra superficial on a page like this.she does have manly features

  5. stonewall97 says

    When that chick starts walking to the bathroom i would have RAN OUT THE DOOR. Why wait for the Ugly chick to come back, or if i was horny i would have charmed her and gotten laid. LOL Hey, almost all women’s apple pie feels the same.

  6. BeAsTm0aD says

    haha I like how both the girls end up finding a guy that they would go out with.

  7. SpoonsForks says

    ooo i like that bartender…

  8. frentable2 says

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  9. Naosmee10 says

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  10. Nat4Brendan says

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  11. TheReasonWhyGuy says

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  12. frentable2 says

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  13. drakkonami says

    @frentable2 There’s hope for you yet! You just gotta get some confidence and get out from under the bridge. (Wait until my brother comes along – he’s much bigger than I!)

  14. Frentable2…I have never heard such a closed minded remark in my life. I don’t think a comment could get any more uneducated then the one you posted. Yes, some women are uneducated and so are some men, an example of that would be you. Everyone is different, race and gender have nothing to do with it. You need to open your eyes to the truth because you are going to be a very lonely person throughout your life. I would hate to have to go through life with the mentality that you have.

  15. frentable2 says

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  16. Vegheadsrock says

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  17. frentable2 says

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  24. Vegheadsrock says

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  25. Vegheadsrock says

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