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  1. Vanae, I think its better to post a video than photos, it’s more real, like whatcha doing right now which I think it’s pretty cool..
    So, most of your boyfriends are found online? really?

  2. SushiLove121 says

    Dumb bitch. Of course we need to be different.

  3. AaronH9111 says

    @vanae12 Hi Vinae, I just wanted to be shallow and to say that I think your smokin hot!!! 🙂

  4. windmelo says

    all of the things are true XD

  5. Raspout1981 says

    Ahhh come on not interested in the luxury cars and house…bullshit !

  6. malditoklee says

    I don’t want to post pictures on my profile since I’m in the political lime light, do you think it would be alright to let a woman know that if she includes an email address in her reply you’d be happy to send her pics?

  7. musiczap says

    You have to redo the video, your tits do not allow men to thing… So cut it out…

  8. GIGGALORIP says

    she me some titties

  9. adamelnyk says

    My point was that I do this but I still get messages from fairly decent women. The rules she laid down are not set in stone. One more thing, sorry, I think its more douchey to walk around in a tight fitted shirt AND post it on a dating website than have a photo of you, not posing, doing some kind of activity without a shirt just to give the chick a better idea of what u look like. Thank you!

  10. adamelnyk says

    I am on POF and I have a topless shot and one with my buddy. Reason being is that I am sure if a girl likes your face she wants to know what the rest of you looks like. It wasn’t a pose shot, or anything douchey and I am not chiseled so I thought I was giving a more thorough description. I would say just make sure your pictures are honest and clear, and if your going to put a body shot, only put one, and don’t make it seem like you took it just to post or if its clear that you are ripped.

  11. Very informative.

  12. I love her titties!

  13. kambridge967 says

    She is not that find man your buggin.

  14. SH0CKFRENZY says

    same here

  15. had to watch this video twice because I kinda got hypnotised by this girl the first time around. jeez…

  16. u r perfect girl for a wife.. xD

  17. samkeskin says

    Is that Tila Tequila ?

  18. samkeskin says

    Here’s my tip … don’t follow tips

    Stupid people should have stupid profiles

    Creepy people should have creepy profiles

    Dull people should have dull profiles

  19. Morcridx1 says

    god she is hot

  20. Jimbo8012 says

    There’s some good practical advice here particularly the semi naked photos. Nonetheless, some of the advice is impractical on websites like Match. For example, favourite things, for fun etc are all limited to 250 characters each. Thus, there’s not the space to say what you like to do in any great detail/panache.

    In addition, most people would find it very difficult to come up with an amusing story that a stranger could find funny too. A lot of the time you just have to be there.

  21. Jimbo8012 says

    Some good advice here but I disagree with the comment concerning photos. I think that you should have at least 5 on your own (preferably high quality JPEGs) so it’s obvious who are you and they should of course be your primary photos. However, a few photos with you and your friends show that you in fact have mates and that you’re not a freak.

    Moreover, there’s nothing worse than seeing a badly cropped photo that’s obviously been taken with a camera phone.

  22. gothicMana9 says

    lol hmmm~ no advices 4 girls ? XD

  23. gothicMana9 says

    lol!! it was distracting me as well ;p

  24. giugnhgbvinierngvb89 says

    this idiot thinks all men are wussbags. that means she never met a real hot cool guy…i wonder why, she looks so average

  25. JohnColt says

    I’m surprised by her comment about not posting photos with other people. I think it’s good to have some photos depicting social activity – especially with women. It demonstrates social value. As long as there are several different women in your photos then it won’t look like it’s your ex.

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