online dating advice

i need your help! what should i do? ughhhh


  1. bizzhive1 says

    you are the one looking for cute guys and you found one….lol.

  2. MYopinionTIME says

    Explain weird? Because that was a bad chat up line he gave you! like aguy saying Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again? It’s lame but still a chat up line. so is that the weird part or did he say something else? My best advice is to date guys who you meet through your friends and family! other wise make you new girlfriends to meet guys! Ok thats maybe bad advice.. good luck! 🙂

  3. MYopinionTIME says

    @xochristine64 I’m not judgmental! I just like saying what i see. Your not that deperate, right! because you got your girlfriends around. untill they start having TWELVE kids of their own. Thats dating advice for you take it or leave it! just look around yourselve in the real world new/young people come old/successful people go, and whos left behind!

  4. cleanstone141 says

    I say run!!!

  5. xochristine64 says

    @MYopinionTIME wow! judgmental much? you must have had some horrible rejections or something. i’m sorry i’m not willing to settle for a guy who is controlling/wants TWELVE kids. not that desperate!

  6. MYopinionTIME says

    Its not the website it the two of them that made it work. your a timewaster whos not sure about the whole online dating thing and sure not get involved with it. your looking to get stuff to talk about rather than finding a real date online.

  7. Marduk616 says

    I had a serious relationship that lasted over 3 years. We met online, should you need advice or a perspective, message me and I will be glad to help with my input.

  8. you shouldnt have a problem finding a date, your really cute

  9. TheBanjoQueen says

    RUN…and don’t look back. You talked about the negatives, not many positives mentioned. UNLESS you want 12 kids??? And you mentioned 3…4 tops. He sounds uptight and controlling with deep rooted insecurities, not to mention pushy. NEVER give your number until you have decided that you are ready to book a date.

  10. briancalifornia1 says

    Well if you didn’t tell him were you live you should be safe this guys creepy if he keeps calling you you can call the police and they can track to where the phone call is coming from and arrest him.

  11. karin1980 says

    Hahaha, your really funny!

    But I think that guy is a little.. crazy? But sweet.. Tell him what you think!

    (If its not to late ;))

  12. maxs2d2ace says

    change your # or he’ll find you lol

  13. maxs2d2ace says

    get out now. stay away

  14. JTyOrKeLuVaAx says

    dont talk to him anymore! he’s crazy! dont answer his phone calls or messages.

  15. FlynessPublishing says

    It won’t let me post. I’ll message you the links. If anyone else needs any tips or info, check out my videos here and my new channel “theflytube” as we explore online dating.

  16. FlynessPublishing says

    In your experience, you basically met a control freak online. At the 1st warning sign, when he said, I may LET you talk to your friends, you should have been out of the door. Id also be willing to bet that he exhibited some psycho signs in his profile as well. Was he social in his pics or is he a loner? I bet, the latter. Anyway, online dating is definitely not unnatural if you know how to do it correctly. Many continue to do it successfully. Im going to give you some helpful links(cont)

  17. FlynessPublishing says

    I’m actually an online dater-turned author. I’ve met over 500 women online and currently coach hundreds of men and women on it. I’m guessing you’re talking about PlentyOfFish, based on your description. (Weird guys, and free dating tipped me off)…….(cont)

  18. heyitspaigee says

    lol 12 kids?!?!? this dude is a cycoo

  19. ClareBear569196 says

    stop talking to him

  20. MyKittycats2 says

    I’ve never dated online before, but I think you should probably change ur phone # and email address?

  21. xochristine64 says

    You’re one to talk about judging a book by it’s cover! How do you know that I passed up “normal” guys? Going by looks alone is DEFINITELY not my thing. Now, if you knew me, you would know that. However, since you don’t, your comment is uncalled for. Most of the men that messaged me on the site were either 45 years old, had nothing in common with me, or were just plain WEIRD. Please don’t jump to conclusions about my character, and I will give you the same courtesy.

  22. hisham175 says

    You got what you deserved stupid, you mentioned he was “cute” so you messaged him bk straight away. You probably ignored other messages from normal guys who was not weird on the basis on their cuteness. They say you should never judge a book by its cover. To many air headed girls in online dating looking for “cute guys”, guess that’s the reason why i took my profile down from them, waste of time. Your best bet is to meet a guy in the real world rather then a computer screen.

  23. Tutiflip says

    woah that guy sounds like a super weirdo. i wouldnt even wanna say anything else to someone like that…id just never go back to that dating site lol…change ur phone number maybe?

  24. XOXOM3lani3XOXO says

    wow!! dont talk 2 him anymore!!! he is a creep!! i mean he dosent know where you live so get rid of him!!!! block his number!!

  25. taterbachjr says

    you are way to good for him you rock

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