Noelia dares to talk

Noelia’s nipple slips, Noelia’s sex video

Suppose you never heard about the above, and you meet Noelia for the first time. You get to know Noelia better and you have a look at this youtube video where Noelia shows off her big… sunglasses below.

So this is yet another girl making money in the music business.

Now Noelia tells you that she has been sexually abused 4 years ago… Do you believe her or don’t you?

Most likely after seeing all the naked Noelia videos you would say at best: "she could be sexually abused, but then, she most likely provoked it…".

As if there is such a dumb thing to say like:
provoking people in order to get the benefit of the rape…

Noelia accuses Jorge Reynoso for sexual abuse 4 years ago

4 years ago you would say? Why believe somebody that only speaks after 4 years? Why believe the women in the chiropractor sexual abuse case after 10 years of silence?

In case of being a blond in a male dominated society looking like Noelia…

video noelia

Video Noelia or non:
being beautiful in Mexico
will leave every men telling you that
you "provoked your sexual abuse"…

Noelia sextape finally has done something good for Noelia Monge. Brutal army and interrogation tactics strip people naked in order to break their moral and get to the core of the person.

Same thing happened with Noelia: after her sexual abuse she went into therapy, which kept the case even more silent because you try to cope with your sexual abuse "alone in the dark".

But being stripped naked and shown all over the Internet with so called Noelia porno videos, it broke down Noelia to her core, yet she is able to lift herself up to stand up for herself and to fight for her cause. Simple put: she has nothing more to loose, so she can only win.

Just remember: it’s not because nobody speaks about sexual abuse, that we live in a save and sound world where everybody is happy and predators are no more…

Noelia Video

If you want to understand Noelia’s lyrics:

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