New Plugin for Linky Show Top Commentators

This post is sponsored by j david (if you have something useful for Linky Love, Linky Love gives you credit!)

Leave your comment and be rewarded 2 times!

  1. You already know how to get your special gift if you leave a comment: each link in your approved comment will be read in the search engine
  2. The most frequent commentators will new be featured in the TOP COMMENTATORS list!

How to make sure your visitors come back?

Make them love you as much as you love them!

Like by installing a top commentators plugin that rewards frequent commentators to top that list! Find the plugin below.

Get close and personal with your linky lovers!

As you see, there are already about 10 linky lovers in my Top 10 Linky Love list at the left. Use any link you get to your benefit, as much as I do! I mean, if you don’t like the link yourself, why bother to show it to your visitors?

Go read what the linky lovers are saying, as like I said before: people first (than love, than money…)

Linky love from your linky lovers

Today I surfed to j david and surprise: I am on his list of top commentators, me is commentatora Linky Love:

linky love plugin wordpress

Rewarding your top commentators!

In his latest post : New Plugin For j david Show Top Commentators, David tells you where to download the Show Top Commentators plugin:

  • unzip the .php file from the .zip file
  • upload the .php file in your WordPress plugin folder,
  • activate the plugin
  • copy paste the code below in your template where you want the top commentators list to show:
    • <?php if(function_exists(‘ns_show_top_commentators’)) { ?>
    • <li>
    • <h2>Top Commentators</h2>
    • <ul><?php ns_show_top_commentators(); ?></ul>
    • </li>
    • <?php } ?>

And tadaa: there is the list you can be on if you start commenting on my site!

linky love plugin wordpress

This is not only useful for your commentators, but also for useful for you:

you know who is interacting with you,
so you know whose site to visit for some dialog!

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  1. Join the MY List.

    You will get more than 100 to 200 links fast and easy when the campaign ends.

  2. you should at least remove ur name from top commentators .. in the plugin php file there is option to not include any name .. i have done similar in my blog

  3. I would actually disagree with hem. Being top commentator on your own blog shows you take reader comments seriously. I’m a fan of this plugin, although I prefer to directly link to comment givers once in a while in a post, but I’m old fashioned that way!

  4. wow! i am one of the top commentators, huh?! hehehe… anyway, i am just wondering if this code is doable or can be done to blogger?

  5. The MY list will get you in technorati trouble 🙂

  6. Linky Love says

    Hi Bob, please elaborate the Technorati trouble!

  7. This is a great way to give back to your readers. Hopefully people keep doing it! It helps us all to get better.

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