New + Better than PayPerPost: Livewire.NET!

Since I can’t make money anymore with PayPerPost due to "geographical segmentation", I am now focused on making 35$ with this one post!

How can you earn 35$ with one post like this as well? Simple: you need to sleep with the founder of Livewire.NET

Why is Livewire.NET better than PayPerPost?

  • because Livewire.NET judges my English based on what they read and not based on my residence!
  • because Livewyre.NET competition $35 has 2 prices with only 1 contestant: easy money! (Compared with 1 price and 50.000 postie contestants at PayPerPost…)

I don’t even need to be positive about what I post now. But in this case, 2 prices without competitors doesn’t need more explanations, does it?

Go to Livewyre.NET competition $35 and grab those $35 now!


  1. thanks linky….

  2. @Jay

    If you want some Linky Love: all you need to do is let me know 🙂

    That’s why this blog is called Linky Love 🙂

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