Never believe what you see on TV

I love to watch Asian drama’s like the well known Crunching Tiger Hidden Dragon where people master martial arts in a way they can fly through the air…. Ok, it’s all fiction!

Then there are the American movies where heroes get shot left, right and center, they stumble a bit and then continue to do whatever they were doing without any hesitation… Yeah right!

Sean Taylor dies from a bullet in the leg

sean taylor redskinsProfessional football star Sean Taylor died from his bullet injury in the leg. Sean Taylor was one of the top young stars in the NFC division. And now he’s no more because of 1 bullet…That’s enough to grieve already yet:

It should also be a wake up call when it comes to sending people to war: you can be the strongest person ever, you can be young and on top of your game: it only takes 1 bullet and live passes away…

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