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Don’t invent the wheel – Make it better!

Yesterday Neolurker posted 3 fasts posts and immediately ranked number 1 in our Add Your Link rankings.

Ellie already explained the benefit of adding pictures to your posts. Neolurker goes 1 step further and adds videos to his posts. Actually it’s even more extreme: he ads summaries to videos.

neolurker screenshot
Neolurker screenshot

A simple "improvement of the wheel" yet with amazing good results: smart work Neolurker!

Neolurker describes Neolurker

Welcome to!

We try to provide you with some useful tools, funny and interesting links, information about privacy on the Internet, hot babes and more!

Please feel free to browse around by using the menu on the left.

Neolurker re-invents tinyurl

We all know those hidden "tinyurl" URLs, especially useful if you have something to hide or way too long URLs for comfort.

Neolurker is offering the same service for free, yet when I tried it, some little beta error showed up. Please Neolurker add a comment once this is solved!

    Success! Your Neo Short Link has been created!
    Your original link:

    And resulted in the Neo Short Link:

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  1. really? he’s been on #1 ? we’ll congrats! (but as of the moment that site is on #13)

    hey linky, i beat you once again (yay!)
    My blog is on #4 currently
    your blog is on #6!

    (allow me to brag this because it don’t happen everyday,
    beating a successful blog like you, is an honor for me!)

    its just 4 a moment!

  2. @Julia

    Oh yes he was, look at his stats 🙂

    And you are above me because you are doing something right, so congrats and keep it like that until you are number 1!

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