My Youtube Story [Memories]

I could have never gotten so far without you guys, so thank you.

I’ve come such a long way and I’m not stopping here. It’s just the beginning.


  1. hi “vlogable” idk how I got logged on to your account but it’s very very strange. I just opened YouTube on my Internet browser and was signed onto your account? WTF right? well I’m not going to log out and I’m going to leave random hate comments all over peoples YouTube pages 🙂 thank you byyyyye .

  2. everyone UNSUBSCRIBE to me , I suuuuck and have NO LIFE . that is all , carrrry on .

  3. susieqq5454 says


  4. JLMarjollet37 says

    whats the name of this song matt?!

  5. @MissLizzification I haven’t applied 😛

  6. MissLizzification says

    why arent you a partner yet?

  7. he totally hacked my account and wrote that! but hey, at least he didn’t lie ! ; D

  8. @fleurturd lololol


  10. Dingotech2000 says

    Nice, congrats for a year on YT. Here’s to another year. and another, and another… get the idea. Keep making great vids man, and we’ll keep watching!

  11. @alaninnh wooo!

  12. @TYBOZE thanks man!

  13. @durtybeast925 umm i think… maybe idk 😛

  14. @fleurturd hahahahahaha

  15. @daveofnhspeaks haha dude I’m not normally this chill xD

  16. @jordhon so EMOTIONAL!

  17. @wimmebr haha thanks man!

  18. daveofnhspeaks says

    congrats matt your like the most chillest and coolest person i know on youtube

  19. Happy Anniversary!

  20. dundee2626 says

    Happy Birthday Vlogable………. WoW !

  21. awesome vid! congrats dude.

  22. Pickleguy556 says

    Great job

  23. Congratulations Matt! This is the most amazing story ever: it’s like only been a year!!! I think you really love making videos, they are so much fun to watch, keep up your own style! I hate those YouTubers with so many subs and only make stupid videos to keep up their revenue sharing, you deserve so much more: your videos are always good and real and look what you did in one year! You inspire me a lot and you’re really my favorite YouTuber! Keep going, you have my full support!

  24. colormydays says

    your welcome! Happy 1 year!

  25. what an amazing journey.
    i’m tearing up.
    excuse me .

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