My weekend Linky Love

If you give some extra love to Linky Love, I might as well give you a special thank you back during the weekend 🙂

Thanks to Jean Chia

A Great Pleasure

It’s always a great pleasure to interact with Jean Chia: thanks for participating in the biggest meme ever!

Thanks to Joey Moggie

Joey Moggie

Double thanks to Joey Moggie this weekend for:

  1. also participating in the biggest meme ever!
  2. being a guest blogger for my next Blog of the Weekend post!

How can you become a guest-blogger? Very easy!

  • leave a long, big comment like Joey did at What a baby can teach us about blogging
  • add the words: guest-blogger!, so I know in stead of letting your comment drown, I scoop it out and make it a real post. Of course you can link to your own website, and did I mention it’s for FREE!

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