Monthly Earnings

A whopping 444% increase in monthly earnings!


It’s earnings that count



$ 24.81

$ 20


$ 62.28

$ 40


$ 44.10

$ 80


$ 195.56

$ 160


Ends September 12

$ 320

If there is 1 thing I love, then it is statistics! You can just use it in your favor 🙂

Take last month’s terrible bad earnings, compare them with this months’ quite above targets’ earnings and statistics will give you a 444% increase 😈

PayPerPost sacks non US posties

Biggest draw back is the geographical segmentation: the easiest way for PayPerPost to weed out non English speaking blogs is to look where their author lives 🙁 These months I live in Asia and according to the PPP forum: our English is below standard. So dear Prime Minister of Malaysia: if you want our country not to be a laughing stock on the international market, please get us our English education back!

Detailed monthly earnings

  • Advertising: 50.38 $
  • Gwen Stefani Clothes: 2.97 $
  • PayPerPost: 43.26 $
  • Blogsvertise: 7 $
  • Sponsored Reviews: 79.95 $
  • Smorty: 12 $

What went wrong?

  1. PayPerPost: "rockstartup" or "the promised land" for paid to post bloggers closed its borders to non US bloggers in the name of only wanting quality English blogs. In my opinion the wrong way of looking for quality English, but with 40.000 bloggers to choose from, the most cost-effective way for PayPerPost 🙁
  2. Advertlets, our local advertising service is not performancing enough to fill the gab PayPerPost made. Maybe
    I should have a look at our other advertiser: Nuffnang again.
  3. I am behind schedule doing some geeky techcrunch stuff 🙂

What went right?

  1. I finally got my Wanna be on Top Add Your Link directory working. Whoever gets on top in a category will become Blog of the weekend (see my previous post: Wanna be on top? )
  2. Total Earnings $ 326.75 is back on target ($ 320)
  3. Passive income from advertising is on the rise 🙂 (It’s always nice to wake up and see you made money 😈 )
  4. I bought a new computer, so my tools are ok 🙂
  5. Lots of linky love has been given back to me: priceless! 🙂
  6. The favicon matrix is working again, so you get more links when you jump on board! And if needed, just ask me to make you a favicon, it’s FREE
  7. Sweat, blood and tears were converted just nicely, although greedy me is never satisfied 😈

Challenges to come

This month I have to bring in $ 320 and as mentioned before: the PayPerPost egg in my basket broke 🙁 This means again new resources has to be drilled.

The advantage is that in my blogroll and in my Wanna be on Top Add Your Link directory are some gems of blogs that are just waiting to be discovered 🙂

It’s going to be a tough month, but the more they hit you on the face, the stronger you become (unless you die first… 😈 )

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  1. Congrats! You did great! WOOOOO HOOOO!

  2. @Ellie

    Great? You are the one that gets 400$ a month 🙂

    Since ages no more PPP opps 🙁

    It’s not a great perspective if the fishing fields are empty, no matter how sophisticated your gear…

  3. Hallo! Every month got money! How nice! Until now still no money for me! I am trying very hard, Have a nice day!

  4. I haven’t had any *really* good PPP opps. And not a lot at Sponsored Reviews, either.

    I added subscribe to comments and brian’s threaded comments to my comments page; maybe one of those is causing you problems???

  5. wooo..really a great improvement, you target are always the double from your previous month…:-)

    I have been stop writing paid post for quite a’s time for me to join the train again….:-)

    Again, congratulation…

  6. PPP has definitely dropped from being the dynamic earner from before. Mainly because you are limited to only 2 opps a day.

    Did you see the post from PPP earlier today? It seems that people are gaming the system and faking page rank in order to get higher paying posts!

    I can’t find a PageRank predictor worth anything – I’d love to see one that would give me some feedback. ZEROS do not count.

  7. @AngMoh
    If you want to play with the big boys and girls, you need to get rid of Hor Ny, why you not simple take all the Hor Ny posts out of your blog and put them in another one, put a 18XXX button on your “family safe blog” and people will know where to go. Meanwhile you are safe for paid to blog services 🙂


    Yes I double previous months for my target, just to show that a website is not a linear thingy 🙂 And basically not to sit and rest to much: only with hard work a website gets better!

    Another yes: if you write paid posts, you have instant money. But the limit is 24h in a day and the opps you can grab. (PPP is booting Asia out 🙁 Must be all those Singaporians lah talking about this lah , that lah… cannot meh!)


    Whatever you added using a javascript on your comments bamboozels my blackberry. Not to worry, BB users don’t bring in your big bucks 😉

    PPP has dropped for me because my residence is not in the US (seems to be imprtant since August 2), add to that low PR and you might as well ask me to look for opps on the moon…

    Where is the PPP post about faking PageRank? How can you fake something that’s from Google?

    PageRank predictor will be exact in 2 weeks time: Jay got a new PR so the changes are being made right now!

  8. excellent work – you are earning more than me now….keep it up.

  9. excellent work – you’re earning more than me now – keep it up

  10. @Jay

    Excellent, you have 2 comment so 2 links 🙂

    How can I be earning more than you already? You must be kidding.

  11. I am not doing many paid posts now, I have other things to concentrate on….

  12. @jay

    Family things or better paid things? I do see you have another url behind your name, need to check out if your secrets are hidden there 🙂

    Feel free to add the site to my directory at !

  13. Great for you, you could be the next john chow in the making.

  14. @Walcott

    First and foremost I would like to be much more sexy than John Chow 😈

    And my mission will be complete if YOU ALL will be the next John Chow! (oh yes, oh yes, that’s the teaching blood in me…)

  15. Hey linky how have you been? Haven’t heard much from you lately. I see numbers of your income increased a lot, well good luck. I don’t know how to work with PPP havent really have any luck. So I probably am going to drop. I make more money from adsense and tla tho + kontera.

  16. @bontb

    Earnings are very volatile, so you cannot just look at 1 month 🙂

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