Monthly Earnings May 2008

Summarized: ROI = $8.5 for each post I wrote (12 in 1 month)

$ 3369.54 total earnings

Selling Linky Love for $20


linky love kelly stone


Kelly Stone : succeed where others fail
Learn step by step how to write quality articles attracting lots of visitors. Kelly’s expert eBook teaches you how to get incoming links to boost your PR and traffic using FREE Squidoo. – $27


I was reading Kelly Stone’s monthly earnings, and I saw her selling "Linky Love"…

Then I looked at my own monthly earnings and saw myself selling "ScratchBack"…


I also noticed Kelly forgot 😈 to add me in her list of Blogs Who Publish Their Earnings


Why Kelly is an expert when it comes to making money


  • Back to me selling "ScratchBack"… : do you have any idea what I am selling there just reading the words?

I guess it’s not clear at all, is it?

  • Now to Kelly selling "Linky Love"… : do you have any idea what Kelly is selling just reading the words?



Kelly is clear in what she is doing…

Euhm… knowing that my page is called Linky Love I still needed an expert like Kelly to point out that I should be selling exactly what I am talking about…


So get yourself some Linky Love 🙂


Breakdown Earnings Month 14


Let’s compare my monthly earnings with Kelly’s

Income For Kelly Stone Blog

Total: $2,333.44

 Income For Linky Love Blog

Total: $102.59



  • Time to write 12 posts

Grand Total Earned: $2,328.44

Grand Total Earned: $102.59


Main difference: Kelly sells eBooks!


How to make money online with Linkworth?


The most money I made this month comes from the all in 1 Linkworth advertising service.


With all in 1 I mean you can go there to earn money writing articles or putting up links on a fixed price base or on a PPC base.

Read my 2 Linkworth tutorials to start making money on the Internet right away:



What can we learn from Kelly’s monthly earnings


Kelly is making money selling ebooks: more than $2000 a month just on 1 blog with almost no expenses!


The reason why she doesn’t make any expenses and still gets buying visitors are explained in Kelly’s Squidoo lens building and growing.


Why is Linky Love only making $102?


Because I started using Kelly’s Squidoo lens building and growing.




Kelly’s eBook will explain you that the money is made in niches.

More precisely: money is made in niches where you can sell a product that’s valuable for the readers of your articles.

Of course I am not going to boost on Linky Love where my new money making niches are…


How much?


Thanks to Kelly’s secrets I am making enough money with my new niches.

So I can afford to let this blog’s earnings drop to $102 and still keep happy 😉


Linky Love’s future


I have 2 options for Linky Love:


  • putting my thinking cap on to make more money on this blog
  • putting the love back into linking: promoting other sites using my "blog of the Day" idea


Leave a comment if you have a better idea 🙂


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