Monthly Earnings: It’s earnings that count

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PageRank went up from zero to 4, and back to zero.

RealRank went up to 1, which means: the best ranked blog from 80.000 bloggers at PayPerPost!!!

But: it’s earnings that count!

Monthly earnings month 7

$ 1626.26 total

Breakdown Earnings Month 7

Tip $10 here and Linky Love places your link instantly!
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You need to depend on internal factors in order to make money. In other words: you need to be fully in control of the tools and money makers you use.

In simple terms: if you depend on PR: Google just needs to wipe your PR out and you are out of business. This means you can start selling your ad-spots, or jump the new bandwagon of scratchmyback : a Google approved way of linking paid ads! (using simple "nofollow" javascript: a genius like Jim Kukral came up with this idea and you earn 90% of what you ask!).

Awards + ADD your AD

Since we want to rely on our own in order to sell ads, we need to show advertisers what is happening behind the screens.

Therefore I added :

  • an awards page bragging about how famous or good my blog is
  • an Add your ad page, telling advertisers how many and what kind of visitors they will show their ads to

Yes, you need to start bragging about yourself: show your good qualities so you can monetize them!

Go Affiliate

Lots of money can be made if you know how to be an affiliate, which you can see in my Month 6: $ 713.18 earnings where I showed my affiliate earnings from my French Swear Words.

If you want to go the affiliate path : buy Rosalind Gardner‘s ebook.

This little investment will save time, money and effort on everything from affiliate software to web hosting. And I earned my money back within 1 month, be it on my French Swear Words blog 🙂

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