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Monthly earnings month 9

$ 2481.56 total

Breakdown Earnings Month 9


Earn BIG when you are on top of the news : contextual ads

Speaking more than 1 language I have a niche when it comes to non-English news.

I was on top of the French blogging news about Laure Manaudou on December 18th.

Linky Love‘s daily visitors reached 20K and

I earned 33% or 99.58$ during the next 3 days…

Earn when you are on holidays: contextual ads

I went on Holiday from December 24 onwards and contextual ads earned an extra 161.58 $.

I kept the blog alive by pre-posted posts. (Always keep some extra posts available in case you have writer’s block or when you "need" to go on holiday 🙂 )

Blog for money when the topic fits your blog and the money is big

When one post about Laure Manaudou brings in about 100$

That would take me at PPP 14 posts of 7$ and 14 posts inbetween… : 28 posts all in all of which 14 I have to research the sites I review… A lot of work for little money!

You need to opt what you want to invest your time in: I rather go for:

  • things I love to do and
  • things that get me a decent ROI

I am reducing my paid posts to a minimum as it is "hit and run money", killing your PageRank in the process!

That’s why I love contextual ads: put once, earn forever

Awards + ADD your AD

Since we want to rely on our own in order to sell ads, we need to show advertisers what is happening behind the screens. Go have a look at our:

  • awards page bragging about how famous or good Linky Love is for your advertisements
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Go Affiliate goes slow at Linky Love, goes big at FrenchMalaysia

Lots of money can be made if you know how to be an affiliate, which you can see in my Month 6: $ 713.18 earnings where I showed my affiliate earnings from my French Swear Words.

If you want to go the affiliate path : buy Rosalind Gardner‘s ebook.

This little investment will save time, money and effort on everything from affiliate software to web hosting. And I earned my money back within 1 month, be it on my French Swear Words blog 🙂

Read more about Laure Manaudou

Read more Laure Manaudou posts, especially funny the cat’s view about Laure Manaudou!

Laura Manaudou in a bikini … , advertising Linky Love’s dating site with How you can take sexy pictures like Laure Manaudou this new year and a gorgeous Laure Manaudou Wallpaper!


Manaudou, Laure Manaudou wallpaper :
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What is Gwen Stefani doing in our monthly earnings report?

Gwen Stefani Clothes is another blog in the making, monetized by Linky Love.

Yet unlike Linky Love, this Gwen Stefani Sweet Escape site was not updated regularly, therefore lacking a decent amount of visitors, which gets reflected in the earnings.

In our case study about How to attract fresh visitors, we illustrated my todo list to get more visitors at Gwen Stefani Clothes.

My TO DO List:

  1. more attractive: add some pictures in the topfold
  2. more accurate title: change the subtitle
  3. more content: post more regularly (which I am doing from this week on)
  4. more links: go and get some linky love … Everybody can grab some free linky love at Add Your Link.

First evaluation will come in our next Monthly Earnings report, meanwhile we changed the boring look, subtitle and are adding daily new posts and pictures about Gwen Stefani:

  • gwen stefani
    BEFORE Topfold screenshot of Gwen
  • gwen stefani clothes after
    AFTER (Topfold screenshot of Gwen)

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  1. It looks like you have come a long way since your first month of earnings. Congratulations and keep up the great work.

  2. @Gaje

    Thanks, and join to become blog of the weekend 🙂

    We are almost one year in: other bloggers managed to earn more, then there are others that earned less…

    It’s still a bumpy road ahead but I am loving it 🙂

  3. @Linky Love
    I took the plunge and gave you a tip just so I could see my traffic grow. Thanks for everything.

  4. @Gaje Master

    Thanks for the Scratchback love! Please let us know how it is working for you!

    Since you are in Making Money Online as well, why don’t you install the Scratchback widget yourself?

    Have a nice day, lots of good health and wealth!

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