Monthly earnings amount

The second month of Linky Love is over and the earnings this month were 62.28$.
Compared to 24.81$ in the first month (see: it’s earnings that count)

This makes my overall total after 2 months : 87.09$

I don’t count 3 extra dollars earned from CreamAid referrals, because they are earned by my smart, sexy secretary. Yet my CreamAid smart, sexy secretary made me earn me 3 $ in CreamAid referrals, I suggest you check her out!!

What is making money this month

  • Adsense: not much more than last month, although my daily visitors have doubled
  • CreamAid: 9$, unfortunately no new opportunities, CreamAid seems to be running dry
  • Bloggerwave: 26$, unfortunately no new opportunities, Bloggerwave seems to be running dry
  • Sponsored Reviews: 2,6$, although new opportunities are available, seems they are overlooking Linky Love
  • Smorty: 12$, I missed one opportunity (forgot to click on it, 1 hour later it was gone). Opportunities are rare as my blog is in my opinion too new. So I need to be more alert!

What is not working

  • Nuffnang: I am getting promises yet no results, so I removed the ads
  • Advertlets: I should have got 50Rm or about 15$ for a review I wrote about Advertlets, yet I don’t see any mention about that. I removed the ads although it says I got my 50 surveys, so all you who took this survey; thanks! Advertlets used to answer my emails, so I need to do a follow up here to find out what is really happening.
  • Blogitive: I cannot log in
  • Urbanread: it screwed up my sidebar (I must say that is probably my fault, as it’s all quite cramped inside my blogs’ template 🙂 )
  • Referrals: I got 7 or 8 people writing a PPP for my posts, yet non got approved. I will ask feedback on PPP why is that because I want all of you who reviewed my site to have the promised 7.5$

Why the referrals don’t work?

It is generally a waste of time and prime estate space on your blog when you just add referral buttons here and there. The "trick" to earning with affiliates is telling your viewers why they should buy this or that product.

I managed to do so with my 8 PPP referrals and with aggressively getting 50 people taking my Advertlets survey.

Referrals don’t work when you sit and wait!


Technorati rankings are improving: From authority 26 last month I went to Technorati authority 78 this month. I wish I could say the same about my earnings 🙂

Favicon and banner

Ilker’s favicon is finally showing up, thanks Ilker!

Jay made me a few cute mini banners, also for free!

Linky Love

The amount of Linky Love flowing in these days is amazing, thanks to you all!!!!!


I stressed before how important evaluations are for your blog! That also applies to anything in your life you want to reach: evaluate if you are really going in the right direction.

My biggest gain this month was the feedback I got to Linky Love. Some people really went the extra mile to have a look at my site and point out where it needs to be improved, so I have quite a lot of new stuff to implement next month 😉

Tasks for the following month

  • I got struck by a terrible flu, so I will start an extra category about health
  • I love to travel, so I will start an extra category there as well
  • work hard and organise the Linky Love I have received so far
  • making sure all your comments are up and running 😉

Please leave a comment with your feedback. I do use Do Follow so each comment gives a link back to your site!


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  2. Hi, we have credited your account, apologies for the delay. We have been receiving a lot of review submissions lately. To make sure all enquiries are handled more promptly in future, do use the Advertlets Support system –

    This will make it easier for us to track your enquiries/comments, than individual e-mails. Sorry again for the inconvenience, and we hope you can have the ads back up soon so we can give you more earning opportunities. Cheers!

    Join the happy money making bloggers of Advertlets

  3. The Advertlets ads will be up again tomorrow, thanks for the reply Advertlets Support!

    This is a great example that Advertlets is a firm serious about what they are doing by keeping in touch with their bloggers by reading their blogs and commenting on them.

    Communication cannot get any better than this thanks to the blogger friendy staff at Advertlets 🙂

  4. Thanks for the comment! I have a plugin called Post Teaser that cuts off my posts at a certain point and says “read the rest, x many words, x many seconds to read”

  5. Today I added Advertlets ads on my site again, let’s see if it earns better than Adsense 🙂

    Feedback about Advertlets earnings will come later after a few days of testing and playing around with their ads.

    Why don’t you try Advertlets out as well, as they do go the extra mile to keep in touch with their assets: us bloggers!

    That all just shows their logo: bloggers + Advertlets = money + happy! 🙂

  6. Advertlets is showing already more than 1 different ad on my page. The pictures do download slow, but then one of the ads say I should change my internet connection 🙂

    I have all reason to believe Advertlets is a serious newcomer on the Internet Advertising arena, and would advice you to sign up for Advertlets as well!

  7. @Lizz: thanks for the information! I just love bloggers that teach me more things I can use on my blog!

  8. You made $80++ already even though it’s your 2nd month of blogging! congratulations! anyway, i’m interested to exchange reviews with you with my blog at –which is more suitable with your website content. please email me if you’re interested. =)

  9. great post , I am sure you will tripple your money by next month, thats how good blogs start, i did same thing 1st month was like nah $30 then 2nd month like around $50 then 3rd month i made more then 1st and 2nd and I am still not yet done with this month. BUT i did pay $50 in adwords and spend that 1 day on stumbleupon that brought me some good traffic after words.

  10. @julia: can you elaborate more what you did on stumbleupon and what it brought you?

    Can you also elaborate on the adwords (roi wise, tips and tricks?)

    Looking forward to earn like you say more in 3th month than sum of 1 and 2 🙂


  11. @kaklong: please proceed with your review 🙂 once your link comes in, its my turn to review you.

  12. nice post! and congratz!
    this is good sign that you increase the earning + 200%

  13. @samuro

    Where I went to school: 44$ is less than +200% of 62$ 🙁

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