Money Monday

From today onwards Meme Monday will be changed into Money Monday

Why no more memes

  • Because you need to tag your friends, and they get quite annoyed if you keep on tagging them
  • Because I have no clue who to tag next
  • Because DaddyP doesn’t want to meme me 🙁

Why Money Monday?

Because Linky Love still is a blog about how to make money online setting up a new blog.

Yes, you heard that right: if you are an established blogger and want to make big bucks like 20.000$ a month, then visit blogs like John Cow.

If you are starting from scratch, you better take a more modest approach or you will fall in the trap of: big promise, yet no money. Worse come to worse: you sell your blog, somebody snaps it up and just add the final touches to monetize it properly!

How a new blog makes money online

By working hard and making sure you love what you are doing, as the returns in the beginning are little.

Whoever doesn’t agree with this statement better leaves a comment now!

Carry on!


  1. It’s not personal young Linky, I don’t do them that’s all. I do appreciate all your Linky Love though. Perhaps we should consider getting engaged again …………………. we’ll have a little think shall we? tee hee

  2. @DaddyP

    Consider engagement again? Never! Once the decision is made, the decision is final. Nothing personal, that’s just me.

    Now nothing keeps us from getting married though 🙂

  3. Ahem – what about the terrible Goddess?

  4. I agree, you must always work on what your really passionate about. Otherwise, all you’d have is a dreaded work! 🙂

  5. @DaddyP

    Ahem, now it’s not me classifying the terrible Goddess under “nothing”… I suggest you go dine out this evening DaddyP whilst I delete the Internet 🙂


    Please add your wisdom in a guestpost here!

  6. Linky,

    Don’t feel bad. DP put his foot down with me too, and gave me the ‘talk’. You and I are better bloggers for it.

  7. @JohnC

    I do agree, but I was promised a diamond ring as well…

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