Monetize your blog twice with Advertlets!

advertlets online advertisingYes, there is another online Advertising service on the block : with the following benefits:

  • your blog visitors can interact directly with the advertisers
  • you can make money twice with:
    • Advertlets paid posts and
    • showing Advertlets advertisements
  • Advertlets is the first to focus on Malaysia: bringing Malaysian bloggers, surfers and advertisers together

For more information and benefits, read on or visit the Advertlets FAQ page. Main things are that you need at least 50 unique visitors a day and you can cashout at RM100 and above…so if you earn more you get to cash out more. But RM100 is the minimum cashout point (that’s about 28$ these days).

5 reasons to sign up immediately

1. Advertlets pays 50Rm to review their site

As with any Paid to Post service, the first members to join can write about the new-born advertising services. It’s an easy earned 50Rm to write about why you like Advertlets 🙂 Be fast as this paid to post opportunity about Advertlets closes 31st May 2007.

2. Advertlets helps you how to blog better

You can read tips in the Advertlets blog what to do to earn more money blogging with Advertlets.

3. Advertlets is smart

Did you already take the 4 sec’s survey in my left sidebar driven by Advertlets? Please do! Thanks to this survey both Advertlets and myself get smarter in getting to know you better. And that’s what a good blog is all about: having your good content focused on your readers.

Thanks to the demographics survey, I know that 80% of my visitors are men between 30 and 40. So I know I don’t need to go on and on about typing can break long sexy French nails.

Same with the Advertlets that are going to show up within a few days: they will be focused on who is visiting, so they should be much more useful than ads of other online Advertising services that:

  • guess who your visitors are or
  • ask you to guess who your visitors are

4. Advertlets is for Malaysian market first

Finally an Online Advertiser Service by and for Malaysians. You can even interact with Advertlets commenting in the Advertlets blog or contact them directly using the Advertlets contact form. I got a fast and accurate answer on my questions during this last weekend!

I have been waiting a long time to see more ads and paid posts focused on Malaysia, as they are quite difficult to get from the overseas advertisers. So I am happy Advertlets is filling this niche in the market.

5. Advertlets looks like 1 big family

And I love to be part of a family 🙂 Look at the first page of Advertlets:

advertlets online advertising service

You can get to know both the Advertlets team and the Advertlets members. And now that I know Thanks to Advertlets that there are 80% male visitors: there are lots of gorgeous smart sexy female bloggers featured! Just that my profile is not amongst them yet, I hope that changes soonest 🙂

What I would love Advertlets did in the future?

2 things: more widgets and more than 1 blog to sign up with.

  1. More widgets to get to know my visitors and to interact with my visitors.
    Since Advertlets already shows lots of their members on the front page, I hope Advertlets makes a Malaysian blogger community, so we have 1 place where we can find our fellow Malaysian blogging friends. A widget showing the Advertlets members on my blog would be very much appreciated: Malaysia Boleh!
  2. Since this blog is about making money, it’s ideal to inform you about Advertlets. Yet I have another blog that’s about traveling in Malaysia that would love to be added to the Advertlets family as well! So far we can only join with 1 blog it seems.

What’s next? Take the 4 sec’s survey in the left sidebar or sign up for!

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