Monday Mood Meme

A lovely easy meme for those who are in the mood (any mood that is!) and love to add pictures on their blogs.

===== Rules, Regulations kind of stuff ====

The rules are simple and will be changed by Joey 🙂

  • Show us a picture of your current mood
  • Explain why this picture describes your mood (for those who are picture blind 🙂 )
  • tag whoever needs to be tagged 😉

===== Rules, Regulations kind of stuff end ====

My Monday Mood

  • as I am a planner:already thinking about what cat picture to post tomorrow on Cat Tuesday
  • kind of no smile on my face as today the new school-year starts, which means blogging time will be reduced oh so much 🙁

My 10 tagged victims

  1. : because savvy just joined Linky Love so that means extra work 🙂
  2. Fracas : because there are 1001 pictures to be found there and I wonder which one really shows her mood 🙂
  3. Hor Ny Ang Mo : same reason as above, just change her into his…
  4. Joey Moggie : because somebody needs to change the meme rules 😉
  5. Z : because Z rimes with happy
  6. DappyP : because I want to give him a good reason to comment on my blog!
  7. Forever purple : because it’s also about every day life 🙂
  8. Bisdak’s Footprints : because it’s also about daily life and again lots of pictures there
  9. Geek Girl : because it’s about time we get together again 😉
  10. Maiylah’s snippets : because she is the best photographer on the Internet
  11. Sue’s Daily Photography : in case my previous statement is wrong 🙂
  12. A Great Pleasure : because it’s always a great pleasure to tag her 🙂


  1. I’m not falling into this trap young LinkyLove. There is no way I’d leave a comment here.
    Thanks for the tag but I’m afraid I don’t do them but I will tell you my mood.
    Imagine a cool glass of champagne with moisture running down the outside, a comfortable sofa softly lit with candle-light, the gentle sound of an April shower playing on the windows and the hint of chest embrocation wafting in the breeze.

  2. Hallo! How to do this sort of tag?? My Monday mood is sleepy lah( Fri- Sun is pokeing day for me lah )! But tq for the invitation! Have a very nice day!

  3. @DaddyP

    What kind of meme is it when you write it in a comment? Maybe I call it the DaddyP-Meme 🙂

    @Ang Moh

    This sort of tag: you just link to the person you want to poke oops, add!

  4. I do a AS degree in M O B and work full time so i post on my blog @ night if I’m not out xD so my time is also cut in 2/3’s :p

  5. interesting meme!
    thanks, LL! will do this, but for now, i tag you, too! 😀

  6. @ZMoney

    Thanks Z, seems I need to eat my excuse, work harder and sleep less 🙂


    Great, I got tagged 🙂 But what do I do exactly?

  7. Done, LL! 😉

  8. @Maiylah

    Many Many thanks!

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