Mobile Tricks: Free Dating Advice

The Vacationeers present a little known mobile trick: Free Dating Advice from Google SMS.


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  4. I love how there’s a no phone sign at 0:05

  5. policeintraining says

    oh, what the hell man?!

  6. micheleanastasia says


  7. Meisterelfenlied says

    the first one on the vid is the better choise xD

  8. WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

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  10. olderwhiskey77 says

    what a stupid commercial for non private use/…..

  11. sahotahappy says

    Hot Chick…

  12. oxireaper says

    what the black women do with you ?

  13. SamukaGoztozaums says

    i still like more the first one…Shes hot…

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  16. zlataninho says


  17. inuyasha969 says

    wtf you already have this video the googling

  18. lisasummings says

    How I met my hawt g/f on KissKnot d0t c0m

  19. ashthegreat says

    Wow, that must suck for the other woman… Big time…

  20. ghostmutt378 says

    Eagle Eye hahahahahahah

  21. ShakingAtTheKnees says

    isnt that what kgb does? lol

  22. livealoha84 says

    Haha I’ve never been creeped out by Google til now…god bless u Google! lol

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  24. shailendr2009 says

    very good yar

  25. shes hot

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